DREAMS Program Overview


The goal of the Determined Resilient AIDS Free Mentored and Safe (DREAMS) project is to contribute to a reduction in new HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women aged 10-24 years, in districts with highest HIV burden in Zimbabwe. The DREAMS partnership delivers a core package of layered, evidence-based interventions that directly address the structural drivers that increase HIV risk, such as gender-based violence (GBV).


The Program has 2 Strategic Objectives:

Strategic Objective 1 (SO1):

Through a holistic youth leadership program, empower adolescents and youth to adopt healthy lifestyle practices that reduce new HIV infections and promote healthy living.

Strategic Objective 2 (SO2):

Address socio-cultural, religious and legal barriers that increase Vulnerability of HIV and impede access to services for adolescents and youth in Zimbabwe.


Program Approach

The program is delivered through a 4 pronged approach that include 1) A Teacher and Student led package delivered through schools for 10-19years; 2) An out of school package for the 15-19 years; 3) An out of school package for the especially vulnerable 20-24 years AGYW; and 4) A Community Norms package that will create an enabling community environment in which young people can thrive.

Zimbabwe is one of 16 sub-Saharan African countries that implements DREAMS. ZHI delivers a comprehensive HIV and sexual violence prevention curriculum to vulnerable and at-risk AGYW. The program strengthens AGYW resilience and teaches them the knowledge and skills they need to lead safe and healthy lives, which reduces their vulnerability to HIV and violence