Charles Fungurai is one of the Accelerated and Comprehensive HIV Care for Epidemic Control in Zimbabwe (ACCE) program Nurses supporting St Peters Mission Hospital in Chipinge District. On 01 May 2022, Charles was among the Zimbabwe Health Interventions (ZHI) staff members who were honoured for performing their duties with excellence.

“I am excited to be among the few staff members who were recognized by the organization for their hard work. I attribute my exceptional performance to the support that I continuously get from ACCE program team members and Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) staff. Team work always yields positive results.” Said Charles with appreciation.

Before joining the USAID/ZHI ACCE program, Charles worked for MOHCC where he excelled in the different portfolios that he held. This resulted in him being appointed to be the national trainer in integrated HIV management treatment and care support. It was on 01 April 2021 that Charles joined ZHI and he made a quick observation:

“Working for the ACCE program means you must be continuously reading so that you are well versed with the indicators. You also need to keep pace with the new developments in the dynamic HIV field, algorithms, and Standard of Operation Procedures (SOPs).”

Charles had the opportunity to meet the USAID team in May 2022 at his duty station during the Site Improvement through Monitoring of Systems (SIMS) visit conducted in Chipinge district. The team was highly impressed by his depth of knowledge in PMTCT:

“His depth of knowledge is fascinating. Through the discussions that we had with him, he showed an excellent appreciation of PMTCT, SOPs and algorithms. He has the passion to find solutions where there are grey areas giving quality care to clients and saving lives.” Commented Tara Simpson, USAID Zimbabwe Acting Director, Health Office.

Dr Solomon Mukungunugwa USAID Zimbabwe Program Management Specialist HIV echoed Tara’s sentiments, “Charles has the technical and working knowledge of the PMTCT program. He also shows great attachment to his clients whom he serves with excellence. The program may consider exchange learning visits among program teams to enable staff members like Charles to share their wealth of knowledge with others.”

The St Peters Mission Hospital PMTCT Department supports an average of 140 pregnant mothers per month. In the month of May, the department had a total of 380 PMTCT mothers with three HIV positive infants linked to care since January 2022. The department was commented by the USAID and ZHI teams for always adhering to set guidelines and SOPs.