ZHI Equal employment opportunity statement

ZHI is an equal opportunity employer and employs personnel without regard to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, language, citizenship, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, physical handicap or financial ability.

Full Time

Full Time Opportunities

Grants Officer

Title: Grants Officer | Contract Type: Fixed Term Contract | Location: Harare

Conducts pre-award assessments for potential sub-awardees to assess their financial capacity and gives recommendations to the project team; Identifies any significant risks and recommend plan for mitigation including justification of working at risk; Reviews and negotiate critical award terms and conditions; Manages sub-grant set-up in the grants management and/or financial management system; Advises senior management on matters of concern and elements of risk that can be detrimental to successful grant performance. Recommends alternative approaches to overcome any; Drafts sub-recipient packs before submission to the Associate Director, Finance & Operations for review and submission to donors. These will include sub-grant agreements and any modifications thereof, budgets, budget realignments, cost extensions and any other issues requiring donor approval such as waivers for the procurement of restricted commodities, sub awards, salaries, consultant rates, etc; Develops and maintain strong relationships with sub-awardees; Conducts periodic compliance reviews on sub-recipient organizations as part of sub-recipient monitoring to ensure they are compliant with the sub-grant terms and conditions, ZHI policies as well as the applicable funder rules and regulations; Reviews sub-award financial reports before disbursement of payment; Responds to audit matters related to sub-award management (both internal and external); Collaborates with the project team staff and other enterprise services staff to monitor subaward performance; Trains project staff in standardized procedures for efficient sub-award management; Manages input to sub-award close-out; Conduct other general finance/administrative functions as may be requested.

Deadline: 21/05/2021

Data Entry Clerk

Title: Data Entry Clerk | Contract Type: Fixed Term Contract | Location: Mutasa, Makoni, Chipinge, Mutare, Buhera

The Data entry clerk will assist the DSIE Officer in carrying in; Timely collection of client level and aggregate program from all health facilities and communities; Reviewing submitted data and check for completeness, inconsistencies, and outliers; Data entry in client level and aggregate program databases including DHIS2 and DATIM; Data de-duplication in collaboration with other IPs and MoHCC at district level; Conducting regular site visits with SIE officers to assess program data quality using standard data quality assessment tools; Participating in capacity building of healthcare workers in monitoring and evaluation through coaching and mentoring; Generating data reports and provide data feedback to MOHCC staff and other information stakeholders; Implementing data quality assurance strategies including routine data quality assessments using a standard FHI360/ZHI Data verification tool and provide feedback for decision making and corrective actions; Distributing M&E tools to all supported health facilities, Regular analysis of program data to identify program strengths and gaps; Ensuring accurate and timely submission of High Frequency Reports (HFR) and Monthly Return Forms; Supporting roll out and use of digital and mobile data reporting platforms; Participating in data review meetings and further build the M&E capacity of MOHCC staff; Actively participating in project assessments and studies/researches; Represent the district at M&E fora as assigned by the supervisors; Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisors

Deadline: 18/05/2021

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