ZHI Equal employment opportunity statement

ZHI is an equal opportunity employer and employs personnel without regard to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, language, citizenship, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, physical handicap or financial ability.

Full Time

Full Time Opportunities

Strategic Information Evaluation (SIE) Specialist

Title: Strategic Information Evaluation (SIE) Specialist | Contract Type: Fixed Term Contract | Location: Harare

Planning: Provide strong planning, technical advice, and support to the programme in monitoring program results against targets; Regularly update and monitor the programme compliance to the set Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, Data Quality Assessment plans etc; Participate in routine planning meetings convened by the ACCE program or MOHCC; Plan for standardized routine data quality assessments across all implementing staff; Actively plan and participate in joint site support led by the MOHCC to assess the extent of the implementation of national HIV care and treatment programs. Monitoring and Reporting; Communicate PEPFAR reporting guidelines with all partners/implementation staff to provide common understanding of requirements; Participate in the quarterly data triangulation and verification meeting with partner and MOHCC to address any inconsistencies in reported data; Develop and maintain relevant systems to collect, review and analyze program related indicators; Contribute to the preparation of High Frequency Reporting (HFR), Quarterly Reports, Semi-Annual Program Report (SAPR) and Annual Program Report (APR) by maintaining updated guidelines on calculation of various performance measurements and maintaining a clean database; Provide leadership support to data entry into DATIM, as well as running validation rules and other data quality checks; Provide strategic information reports to senior management for decision making; Participate in data analysis and formulate appropriate recommendations to assist the programme in planning and implementation of the program; Identify, develop, and adapt relevant M&E training materials and manuals relevant for the program; Participate in quarterly Data Quality Assessments (DQAs) and SIMS visits arranged by USAID; Takes a leadership role in all QA/QI processes within ZHI ACCE Project Zimbabwe and among ZHI’s Implementing Partners. Managing SIE structure across priority district: Provide supervision to the Senior National SIE Officer and National SIE Officer including the SIE structure working in all priority provinces and districts; Coordinate SIE functions with MOHCC in provinces and priority districts; Strengthen the capacity of the ACCE SIE Team, and of technical staff in general; to stay alert of the latest best practices; Continuously explore strategies for building SIE capacity of the programme. ACCE Health information systems: Facilitate deployment and use of electronic medical records system for the ACCE programme; Work closely with the Database Officer to provide technical leadership on DHIS2 implementation/other digital system available and makes recommendations on how to integrate DHIS 2/other systems to PEPFAR MER requirements; Supports team members in analyzing the collected data; Strengthen Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Patient Monitoring Systems (EPMS) use in sites across priority districts. Collaborative Learning and Adaptation: Facilitate Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) strategies to support the use of data and information from the M&E system for real-time decision-making to improve project implementation; Develop concept papers and research papers to improve and or extend existing monitoring and evaluation activities. Technical meetings: Initiate and arrange regular internal SIE meetings to discuss progress in monitoring activities in priority districts; Convene internal meetings to develop strategies on how to provide feedback to implementing partners; Represent the Consortium in technical meetings and other for a arranged by USAID, MOHCC, and other partners. Carry out any other duties as may be assigned by the Strategic Information, Evaluation and Learning Director

Deadline: 08/12/2023

Finance Clerk

Title: Finance Clerk | Contract Type: Fixed Term Contract | Location: Harare

Work closely with the Finance Assistant to ensure smooth operation of all finance related issues ;Assist in proper control of the supporting documents for payments and financial reports ;Responsible for filing of all finance supporting documents/invoices linked to expenditure ;Responsible for filling of all finance general journals and ensuring that all documents are signed and approved ;Assist in accurately and timely entering accounting data into the accounting system ;Develop and maintain an updated and easily accessible hard copy and Electronic Finance Office Filing System ;Assist with payment processing, VAT Claims, end of year preparation and Audit Preparation ;Conduct other general finance functions as may be requested ;Support the implementation of policies through explaining provisions to non-finance staff and escalating instances of non-compliance to the supervisor ;Initiate transactions at the first level on the payment platforms such as the Stanbic Bank business online and other platforms ;Prepare monthly VAT refund claims reports in compliance with USAID rules and regulations and other applicable guidelines.

Deadline: 08/12/2023

Strategic Information and Evaluation Clerk

Title: Strategic Information and Evaluation Clerk | Contract Type: Fixed Term Contract | Location: Gweru

The SIE clerk will assist the DSIE Officer in carrying out the following duties: Timely collection of client level and aggregate program from all health facilities and communities; Review submitted data and check for completeness, inconsistencies, and outliers; Data entry in client level and aggregate program databases including DHIS2 and DATIM; Data de-duplication in collaboration with other IPs and MOHCC at district level; Conduct regular site visits with SIE Officers to assess program data quality using standard data quality assessment tools; Participate in capacity building of healthcare workers in monitoring and evaluation through coaching and mentoring; Generate data reports and provide data feedback to MOHCC staff and other information stakeholders; Implement data quality assurance strategies including routine data quality assessments using a standard ZHI Data verification tool and provide feedback for decision making and corrective actions; Distribute M&E tools to all supported health facilities; Regular analysis of program data to identify program strengths and gaps; Ensure accurate and timely submission of High Frequency Reports (HFR) and Monthly Return Forms; Support roll out and use of digital and mobile data reporting platforms; Participate in data review meetings and further build the M&E capacity of MOHCC staff; Actively participate in project assessments and studies/researches; Represent the district at M&E as assigned by the supervisors; Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisors.

Deadline: 08/12/2023


Title: Driver x 3 | Contract Type: Fixed Term Contract | Location: Mutasa, Chipinge,Mutare

Convey ZHI staff and consultants to designated approved locations; Ensure adequate safety, cleanliness, security and maintenance of the project vehicle assigned; Ensure proper day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle through timely minor repairs, arrangements for major repairs, timely changes of oil, check of tires, brakes, car washing, etc; Ensure availability of all the required documents/supplies including vehicle insurance, vehicle logs, office directory, and necessary spare parts; Plan route and requirements by studying schedule or ad-hoc request by the office; Ensure passengers adhere to all road safety regulations; Fulfil special request by picking up and delivering items as directed; Perform any other duties as assigned.

Deadline: 08/12/2023

Part Time

Part Time Opportunities

Adolescent And Sexual Reproductive Health (ASRH) DREAMS Nurse-Locum

Title: Adolescent And Sexual Reproductive Health (ASRH) DREAMS Nurse-Locum (Multiple positions) | Contract Type: Part- time Contract | Location: Gokwe South, Mberengwa, Gweru, Kwekwe, Mutare, Makoni, Chipinge, Mutasa, Buhera.

The ASRH Nurse (DREAMS and ASRH) is expected to fulfil the following key performance indicators: Working closely with the district’s coordinator, design and coordinate implementation of DREAMS and ASRH program activities (for both facility and community); Forge enduring relationships with MOHCC to ensure easy access to health facilities and a synergistic effort in implementing DREAMS and ASRH programs; Ensures the adoption of national DREAMS and ASRH strategies into district level implementation plans; Participate in strategic meetings and share program updates, progress on implementation plans and challenges that need the attention; Provide technical support to the District Coordinator in adopting a data driven approach to resolving district level challenges affecting the DREAMS and ASRH program; Work with the District Coordinator (DC) to assist in conducting assessments (including SIMS) and supportive supervision of DREAMS and ASRH programs; Support the DC in conducting skills audits and coordinating training of healthcare workers on DREAMS and ASRH programs; Coordinate and participate in monthly meetings for USAID funded and non-USAID funded partners supporting the DREAMS response; Coordinate and oversee the aggregation, verification, and reporting of all program daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly data into ZHI and USAID databases; Submit timely, accurate and quality reports on all DREAMS/ASRH coordination activities performed. Support the implementation of key DREAMS and ASRH activities; Support the adoption, implementation and monitoring of DREAMS/ASRH strategies for HIV prevention (HIV testing and counselling, Post-violence care for survivors of gender-based violence, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP); Support the implementation of appropriate systems that promote uptake of ASRH and DREAMS HIV prevention services; Support health facilities to record DREAMS HIV prevention services correctly and completely in appropriate registers, checklists, and other source documents; Support strategies to identify gaps and challenges impacting on DREAMS HIV prevention and promoting site level QI solutions and/or adoption of best practices; Support facility–community integration in the implementation of all DREAMS HIV prevention activities (linkage and referral services); Promote site level DREAMS HIV prevention data analysis (entry point yield analysis, cascade analysis) to improve quality of services and achievement of site targets; Submit timely, accurate and quality reports on all prevention activities conducted.

Deadline: 08/12/2023

OI/ART Direct Service Delivery Nurse-Locum

Title: OI/ART Direct Service Delivery Nurse-Locum | Contract Type: Part- time Contract | Location: Gokwe South, Mberengwa, Gweru, Kwekwe, Mutare, Makoni, Chipinge, Mutasa, Buhera.

Conduct HIV testing services as per national guidelines; Work with facility-based lay cadres, out-reach workers and village health workers to mobilize clients within facility and community for HIV counselling and testing; Provide pre and post HIV confidential counselling and testing; Provide oversight that will ensure that the facility is implementing Provider Initiated Testing and Counselling (PITC), Index testing and implementing with fidelity; Perform rapid HIV testing on all clients (adults, adolescents and children) that have consented to testing/re-testing and interpret the results to the clients; Perform viral load sample collection on infants and counsel caregivers; Counsel HIV-positive clients and link them to ART initiation; Counsel HIV-negative clients and link them to prevention counselling and support; Screen all HIV positive clients for TB and STIs and make appropriate referrals; Provide quality care for HIV-positive clients on anti-retroviral (ARV) Treatment; Ensure that all clients identified to be living with HIV at the facility and in the community are linked for ART treatment , care and support; Provide adherence counselling and initiate clients on ARV treatment; Ensure the number of patients who are transitioned to currently recommended ART regimens, considering stock availability. This includes using preferred ART regimens at initiation of treatment and switching patients currently on ART to optimal regimens; Take leadership in developing and ensuring collaboration with the project community cadres to reduce missed opportunities; Provide on job training to lay cadres at the facility to improve patient navigation for ART initiation, VL testing, TPT provision; Ensure that all clients eligible for VL, TPT, Cervical Cancer are provided with services; Work with PCCs to provide mental health screening and refer for mental health care for those that need support; Work closely with the CRFs and OWs to ensure retention on treatment and ensure that clients interrupting treatment are followed up and brought back to care; Support the scale up of DSD models to aligned with MOHCC targets; Link and refer clients to facility and community based Psychosocial Support Services; Provide routine follow-up and monitoring of clients (including scheduling interpreting Viral Load and CD4 test results) and provide adherence support to clients provided with results; Appropriately manage PLHIV with advanced HIV disease and those with high viral loads; Support identification of clients who are defaulting ARVs for tracking, tracing and retention into care; Support the facility stock management of HIV commodities; Documentation of clients in the relevant monitoring and evaluation tools (registers); Report MER-recommended regimen disaggregation for TX_CURR; Record and maintain filing system for all client records (Monthly cohorts) as per MoHCC and ZHI procedures; Write report to in the event of losses /decreases in facility TX Curr; Prepare monthly report on services rendered for submission to supervisor; Work towards meeting the programme set targets for the site which are reviewed on a weekly, month quarterly basis.

Deadline: 08/12/2023

Cervical Cancer Nurse-Locum

Title: Cervical Cancer Nurse-Locum | Contract Type: Part- time Contract | Location: Gokwe South, Mberengwa, Gweru, Kwekwe, Mutare, Makoni, Chipinge, Mutasa, Buhera.

Conduct cervical cancer screening and treatment of precancerous lesions for WLHIV between the ages of 25-65 years per national guidelines; Work with the health care workers at the health facility to identify HIV positive women between the ages of 25-65 years for cervical cancer screening; Register eligible clients in the electronic and paper-based registers before client is screened; Counsel client on the benefits and potential side events of cervical cancer screening so that client can give informed consent; Expansion of same day/fast track cervical cancer screening and treatment of pre-invasive lesion services in high volume antiretroviral treatment clinics in alignment with the algorithm for cervical cancer screening approach in PEPFAR programs; Conduct VIAC for each client in a safe, private, confidential and dignified environment for every client; After screening client, treat client using the provided SOPs and algorithms; Track and re-screen WLHIV with negative cervical cancer screening results every two years in order to closely monitor outcomes in the context of HIV-related immunosuppression; The nurse will be expected to offer treatment to clients with STIs, cervicitis or genital ulcer disease incidentally diagnosed during the screening process. Adhere to the STIs treatment guidelines; In consultation with the client, the nurse will be responsible for drawing up a follow up plan/schedule and book the client in the provided diary; Conduct treatment for precancerous cervical cancer lesions; For clients who screen positive for pre-cancerous lesions the nurse will provide treatment using cryotherapy or thermal ablation, depending on availability of treatment method; For all clients with precancerous lesions, the nurse will be expected to use treat and see approach to avoid missed opportunities; Treat and monitor all clients for adverse events. It is the responsibility of the nurse to report all adverse events to the ZHI and MOHCC databases; ensure referral of women with ablative-ineligible lesions for LEEP (when applicable); Women with suspected cervical cancer should be referred for additional evaluation and treatment at established referral sites in the country that are identified during the planning process; Clients with suspected invasive cancer shall be referred to the next level of care in consultation with the hospital doctor and/or mentor. The nurse will be responsible for following up of the client and calling the receiving facility to ensure client completes referral. Documentation of the patient referral outcome shall also be done by the nurse; Where applicable, the nurse shall be responsible for issuing client with suspected invasive cancer with biopsy and/or transport coupons; Outreach, community mobilisation and demand creation; Conduct educational awareness within facilities and community groups to enhance accurate sensitization to cervical cancer and the necessity of screening and treatment among WLHIV; Link clients with unknown HIV status who present with cervical cancer to HIV testing services and follow-on care and treatment if positive for HIV; Conduct outreach VIAC visits to screen women in hard-to-reach areas. The CCN will also compile a list of names for the outreach team and develop a duty roster; Schedule follow up visits for all clients screened and treated during outreach visits. Support identification of clients who are defaulting for tracking and tracing; Strategic Information and Evaluation (SIE); Registration of all clients screened for cervical cancer in the provided standard MOHCC electronic and paper registers; Record and maintain a filing system for all client records as per MOHCC procedures; Prepare monthly report on services rendered for submission to supervisor; Using the relevant primary data sources, the nurse will be responsible for timeously collecting, compiling and reporting to MOHCC and ZHI; Facilitate linkage between HIV testing, diagnosis, care, support and treatment; Provide adherence counselling and initiate clients on ARV treatment; Link and refer clients to facility and community based Psychosocial Support Services; Provide routine follow-up and monitoring of clients (including scheduling interpreting Viral Load and CD4 tests) and provide adherence support to clients issued with results; All the duties will be performed within an integrated system, i.e., HIV care and treatment, family planning and cervical cancer services must be offered to the client under one roof where possible. The nurse will be asked to perform other duties that contribute to the achievement of cervical cancer targets and improve the quality of care for the clients through provision of comprehensive and client-centred services. This may include but is not limited to ART refill, viral load bleeding and TPT initiation, to mention a few.

Deadline: 08/12/2023

Cluster Direct Service Delivery Nurse-Locum

Title: Cluster Direct Service Delivery Nurse - Locum (Muitiple positions) | Contract Type: Part- time Contract | Location: Gokwe South, Mberengwa, Gweru, Kwekwe, Mutare, Makoni, Chipinge, Mutasa, Buhera.

Provide support and mentorship in HIV prevention, care, treatment, and retention to the health facilities in their cluster including testing, VL, TPT, DREAMS, Cervical cancer and mental health screening; Provide targeted HIV Testing Services including integrated symptom screening, at the health facilities in their cluster and at community level and ensuring linkages to care and treatment; Optimize community index case testing by offering index testing to all eligible clients, contact elicitation, screen for IPV and refer for LIVES support, ensure appropriate handover and updating of information from community; Working with community to provide targeted mobile testing; Support the scale up HIV screening tools and HIV-ST on the ACCE community program to reduce program inefficiencies; Ensure that all clients identified to be living with HIV care are linked to ART at the nearest health facility though community ART initiation; Ensure linkage to ART at nearest health facility or/and provide community ART; Initiation to clients identified to be living with HIV at community level; Micro plan community work and ensure efficient provision of comprehensive quality integrated HIV care and treatment services; Strengthen health facility and community linkages through working closely with MOHCC site nurses and community-based health workers in the development of robust referral systems for PLWHIV; Working closely with the facility-based nurses and health centre committee, engage and recruit community-based cadres to support project implementation; Capacitate and supervise the community-based cadres working to support implementation of ACCE project activities and administer a performance-based incentive scheme to the community-based cadres; Ensure retention in care of PLHIV and treatment continuity through formation and maintenance of community HIV DSD models, Support groups; Working with project and facility staff and support the identification, the line listing of clients interrupting treatment and tracking and tracing; Provide VL testing, TB screening and TPT initiations as appropriate to PLHIV at facility and those in community DSD models accessing care within the supported cluster of health facilities and CARGS; Support the management of clients with high viral loads through implementation of Enhanced Adherence Counselling (EAC) clinics to PLHIV at community level and referring to health facilities and other service providers as maybe needed; Ensure that client in community DSD models are provided with HIV care and treatment services VL, TPT, Cervical cancer and mental health screening; Ensure implementation fidelity in all aspects of the program work towards meeting the programme set targets for the site which are reviewed on a weekly, month and quarterly basis; Any other activities as directed by the supervisor.

Deadline: 08/12/2023


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