Type of Contract



30/04/2023 (Expired)


1) General background
Zimbabwe Health Interventions (ZHI) is a not-for-profit human development organization which is registered as a Trust under the Zimbabwe Deeds Registries Act (Chapter 20:05). ZHI’s mission is to develop and deliver innovative and sustainable high impact integrated health interventions with local communities while working with and strengthening existing institutions.

The following are our vision, mission and values which shapes our organisational culture:

To see the populations, we serve live with optimal health, well-being, and self-sufficiency.

To develop and deliver innovative and sustainable high-impact, integrated health interventions to the communities we serve, while working with and strengthening existing institutions.

Core Values
Diversity- Mutual respect for diversity in all aspects.
Accountability for our work with measuring and reporting at all levels.
Teamwork across disciplines and geographies, within the organization and with our partners.
Innovation- To meet the evolving needs of our beneficiaries and partners.
Service- Recognizing the human & social capital in the communities we work in.

ZHI Project

a) Accelerated and Comprehensive HIV Care for Epidemic Control (ACCE) Project Summary

The objective of the Accelerated and Comprehensive HIV Care for Epidemic Control in Zimbabwe (ACCE) project is to complement the government of Zimbabwe (GOZ)’s efforts towards epidemic control by targeting testing to efficiently identify PLHIV, ensuring all newly diagnosed PLHIV are immediately linked to treatment, and all PLHIV on treatment have ready access to antiretroviral therapy (ART), are retained on treatment, and remain virally suppressed. The program is being implemented in 9 districts in Midlands (Gweru, Kwekwe, Mberengwa and Gokwe South) and in Manicaland (Makoni, Mutare, Chipinge, Mutasa and Buhera).
ZHI is currently seeking a consultant to facilitate 2 team building exercises for ACCE and its project support staff.

Scope Of Work

2) Objectives
The main objective of the assignment is to facilitate and moderate a team building exercise, for the ACCE project and its project staff. Other objectives include:

·       Instilling the values of the organization within the employees (refer to core values listed above).

·       Fostering an appreciation of diversity, personality, capabilities, and roles

·       Creating good working relations and synergies across all departments within the organization.

·       Encourage communication and teamwork.

·       Improve morale and engagement.

·       To help the team identify factors that inhibit the team from delivering the mandate of the organisation.

 Expected Outcomes

·       Improved communication and teamwork among Staff members.

·       Improved morale and engagement of staff.

·       Re-energized and motivated staff members with improved innovation and creativity.

·       To have a list of challenges inhibiting the teams from delivering the organisation mandate.

·       Addressing those issues, removing the inhibitors, and providing an enabling environment.

·       Come up with recommendations to improve the overall effectiveness of the project.

3) Scope of work

The consultant will be required to work with the HR Department and Project Management to successfully deliver on these activities.

The scope of the work will be to facilitate five team building exercises and to compile reports outlining the workshop’s proceedings, including practical recommendations and operational tools which can be used by the team in the future. Team building exercise will be in Midlands and the other in Manicaland.

4) Duration of assignment, duty station and expected places of travel

The assignment will be to facilitate team building sessions for ZHI ACCE and support staff stationed in different locations. The sessions will be as follows:

o  Two, 1-day sessions for 241 ACCE staff (1 session in Manicaland with 130 staff between 15 – 19 May 2023 and 1 session in Midlands with 116 staff between 29 May – 02 June 2023).

o   Staff numbers are subject to change.

o   Actual venues and dates to be advised.

o   Accommodation and meals for the sessions to be provided.

o   Fuel for the sessions will be provided, travelling dates to be advised.

5) Expected deliverables & outcomes


·       Preparation of team building exercise:

o   A customized training and team building plan clearly articulating the objectives of the team building exercise.

o   Interactive and flexible facilitation tools and material aids for brainstorming prepared prior to the workshop.

·       Facilitation of teambuilding exercise:

o   A brain storming session aimed at identifying the mandates and harmonization of the activities of the ZHI Team.

o   A brain storming session on how to improve the efficiency and the operations of the organization.

o    Propose the outdoor team building exercises to be done based on consultant’s   experience.

·       A brief report outlining;

o   The retreat proceedings and key outcomes.

o   Key challenges or areas which require interventions.

o   Strategic recommendations for ZHI to improve teamwork and overall organizational effectiveness.

The team building exercise should be creatively organized to meet the above expected outcome and deliverables well as improve the projects performance through the building of effective teams.

The facilitator is expected to design this process and to assign time frames to it. S/He will get the assistance of the Human Resources team with regards to logistical arrangements towards the holding of this exercise.


6)  Evaluation criteria

Criteria Submission Requirement Weight (%)
Technical Proposal A detailed description of the proposed methodology, and other mechanisms to be used in delivering the team building interventions in response to the needs of the TORs. 40
Cost Submit 2 separate quotations per each teambuilding event i.e. 1 separate quotation for Manicaland and Midlands ACCE team building events including a breakdown of all related costs, related taxes, and payment terms.

Please note the following will be provided.

1.     Accommodation, meals, and fuel

Technical expertise and experience CVs of staff who will participate in the activities, with a brief description of at least 10 years relevant professional experience.

3 contactable references – Demonstrated experience in providing similar services. Proof of Proven track record of facilitating team building and knowledge sharing workshops and consultancy experience.




Application Requirements

7) Mandatory requirements
The team building consultant should submit the following documents:

  • Company profile

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • NSSA and Tax Clearance Certificate

·       CR14

·       CR6

8) Terms and conditions

·       ZHI reserves the right to eliminate bids deemed not to be in the best interest of the organisation and award the contract to the bidder whose submission is in the best interest of the ZHI.

·       ZHI reserves the right to accept or reject any proposals received at any time, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder(s) or any obligation to provide information on the grounds for the action.

·       ZHI reserves the right to enter into agreements not specified herein.

·       All responses must be received on or before the deadline of submission date.

·       Inc Complete proposal submissions that do not comply with all specifications will be rejected.

Detailed Proposals

Proposals, including a covering letter and trade references, should be emailed to: , with subject: “(Consultant for facilitation of Teambuilding Exercise quoting RF)”.

The successful organization will be informed once a decision is made by ZHI management and staff.

The deadline for submission of revised proposals is Sunday  30 April 2023 at 2359 hours.