Terms of Reference – Resource Mobilization and Strategic Partnerships Development Consultant


Resource Mobilization and Strategic Partnerships Development Consultant



Type of Contract



27/05/2022 (Expired)


Zimbabwe Health Interventions (ZHI) is a local non-governmental organization registered as a Trust in Zimbabwe under the Deeds Registries Act (Chapter 20:05). ZHI’s mission is to develop and deliver innovative and sustainable high-impact integrated health interventions with local communities while working with and strengthening existing institutions. Since its establishment in 2019, ZHI has been implementing USAID-funded grants as a sub-awardee of FHI360. ZHI seeks to develop a Resource Mobilization and Partnerships Strategy to support the organization’s goal to diversify donor funding as well as define a scope for innovation and the strategic positioning of ZHI in the national health services delivery arena in Zimbabwe and the human development sector at large.

Purpose of Assignment
In order to expand the funding portfolio, ZHI seeks to engage the services of a Resource Mobilisation and Strategic Partnerships Development Consultant who will support the development of a resource mobilization strategy specifically for ZHI´s growing health response portfolio. Under the overall guidance of the Executive Director, the Consultant will work on donor engagement and resource mobilization with a focus on concrete deliverables working closely together with the Senior Management Team (SMT) and the Business Development Lead

Specific Objective
The specific objective of the assignment is the development of a Resource Mobilization and Strategic Partnerships Strategy (RMSPS) and to train SMT to ensure increased sustainability of the organization.

Scope Of Work

  • In collaboration with the SMT, develop resource mobilization targeted products and materials including a PowerPoint Presentationsummarizing the resource mobilization strategy for ZHI

  • Mapping donor interests, priorities, funding windows, and opportunities – Conduct a rapid donor mapping for both traditional and non-traditional sources of funding focusing on heath-gender nexus, (identifying emerging and untapped high potential donors and new emerging models of funding).

  • Ddevelop a guideline on how to establish, maintain and strengthen strategic partnerships and engagement with donors, (past, present, and future) and key stakeholders,

  • Identify suggested mechanisms for system-level resource mobilization and the strategic expansion of funding, including through innovative financing initiatives and mechanisms to stabilize the flow of funds, with a focus on both traditional and non-traditional funding sources.

  • Provide strategic guidance on system-level resource mobilization initiatives that have the potential to deliver added value, including identifying opportunities to provide improved monitoring of financial resources, timely intelligence on budgetary outlook, and other system-level functions.

Outline a plan to strengthen how ZHI can be more appealing to donors /create an appositive reputation


  • A comprehensive Resource Mobilization and Strategic Partnerships Strategic document that includes an overview of the situation, a critical analysis of past fundraising experience, explores future opportunities and strategies and outlines a time-bound action plan,

  • A map of donor interests, priorities, funding opportunities, typical funding amounts, samples of successful project applications, and points to clear actions that should be taken to mobilize funds and develop/maintain relationships with donors,

  • A clear guideline and set of tools on how to keep a strong and fruitful relationship with donors and key stakeholders.

  • A package of materials that tools/templates for use when responding to bids

  • A plan for building the capacity of key staff in mobilizing and leveraging resources and developing and maintaining partnerships at both the national, regional, and global levels.

  • A package (with tools) and /or plan for harnessing donor confidence/creating a positive reputation.

Plan of work

The level of effort for this activity will not exceed 14 days with a period of performance ending May 27, 2022. The expected start date is May 9, 2022.

Application Requirements

Profile and Qualifications

  • Advanced university degree in Public Health, Social Sciences, Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, Development studies, Planning, Business Administration, communication or a related field,

  • Masters or PHD in relevant field an added advantage

  • At least 5 years of progressively responsible and relevant professional work experience in fundraising, marketing, sponsorship, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),

  • Good strategic visioning, critical and strategic thinking, and ability to develop strategic partnerships.

  • Knowledgeable in the Health, Education, Livelihoods, and Genderfields,

  • Well-informed of the national and Southern Africa regional context with previous experiences working in different countries in the SADC region,

  • Experience and track record of fundraising for a local NGO, a distinct advantage,

  • Experienced in developing Resource Mobilization Strategies for NGOs is required

Place where services are to be delivered

Zimbabwe Health interventions

Emerald Office Park Number 30, The Chase

Corner 2nd St. Extension & The Chase (West)

Mount Pleasant, Harare

How to Apply

No paper applications will be accepted. Individual(s)/organization with the experience, skills and expertise in the above assignment should submit a proposal, CVs and evidence of previous work done related to these activities to ZHI on procurement@zhi.co.zw not later than the 6th of April 2022. The proposal should be no more than 2MB in size. During submission, use the title of this consultancy in the subject line, “Resource Mobilization and Strategic Partnerships Development Consultant”.

The technical proposal should detail the following:

  • Understanding of the Terms of reference.

  • A capacity statement including demonstrated ability to handle the assignment.

  • A detailed plan of conducting the exercise, with a clear description of the methodology.

  • Budget breakdown detailing consultancy and any other related costs i.e., daily rate.

  • Current Curriculum vitae with at least three recent organizations where similar services of the consultant have been utilized including contact details and title of the assignment.

  • Completed biodata form.

Evaluation and Selection

Proposals will be evaluated and ranked according to the conditions described in the evaluation criteria below, with a total overall maximum point value of 100:

Criteria Score 
Capacity statement and relevant experience that shows an understanding of terms of reference and demonstrated ability to handle the assignment. It should include descriptions of similar work and solid references. 30%
Cost-effectiveness of financial proposal 25%
A clear description of the proposed methodology and timeline for consultancy deliverables. 30%
A list of three recent organizations where similar services of the consultant have been utilized including contact details and title of the assignment. 15%
Total 100%

The consultant should detail how their payments are structured and any related terms thereof. Payments shall be made directly to the vendors’ Nostro bank accounts, subject to applicable taxes, after approval by Executive Director.

Payment conditions

Selection will be based on “Best Value.” Applications will first be evaluated and scored from a technical standpoint. Applications that are technically acceptable shall then be evaluated in terms of cost. The award shall be issued to the offeror with the highest combined technical and cost score.