Sexual Gender Based Violence /Harmful Practices (SGBV/HP) and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) Symposium Series -Conceptualisation and situational analyses of SGBV/HR and Sexual Reproductive Health

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In March 2021, Africa University in Zimbabwe, supported by UNICEF  invited key actors in response to Sexual Gender-Based Violence and Harmful Practices (SGBV/HP) and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHRs)  to the SGBV-HP Symposia hosted by Africa University in collaboration with UNICEF. Zimbabwe Health Interventions ( ZHI) and FHI 360 have four  abstracts which were accepted for oral presentation at  this prestigious event.

The Series, themed ‘THE FIEND AMONG US’: INTERROGATING PREVENTION AND RESPONSES TO SGBV/HP AND SRHRs will follow a webinar format and provides a platform for serious interrogation of the structural determinants of SGBV/HP and the perceptions these structures engender. Each symposium will comprise of four 20-minute individual presentations, followed by a 30-minute plenary session, and rounds off with a 10-minute question and answer session. The key take-aways from each symposium will be reformulated into publishable material in the form of policy briefs and, or peer-reviewed academic journals.

Not only will this enhance the visibility of the DREAMS project, the policy briefs to be developed will enhance our advocacy efforts to inform policy, law and programmes to address SGBV/HP and SRHRs. As an organization that values advocacy, collaboration, learning and adaptation,  presenting at such a fora is greatly appreciated.

The SGBV symposium is starting on the 7th of May 2021 at 1000 hours and will be held every Friday up to the 4th of June 2021  . ZHI will be presenting in 4 symposia starting on the 7th of May 2021.SGBV Symposia Zoom Links