Tashinga Community Art Refill Group (CARG) members from Gokwe South District stay about 37km away from the health facility. Transport costs are high and in many cases people from the community walk the distance to access health services.

This coupled with competing priorities, as all the CARG members are self-employed, hindered them from collecting ART and having routine viral load tests. In 2018, the ZHCT project supported them to form a CARG: “We contribute less than USD $1 for one of our members to collect medication for the whole group from the health facility. We now have time to do our income generating activities.”

Through the CARG, all the members are now able to receive their treatment timeously at community level. The ZHCT program facilitates routine viral load tests for the CARG and currently all members of Tashinga are virologically suppressed. As CARG members share ideas on adherence, they also receive other services such as TB Preventive Therapy and cervical cancer screening.